The official blog where I'll keep you informed of diecast news, some radio control upcoming releases mostly toy grade along with website updates and anything else related to the scale automotive enthusiast I deem worthy to post here but this will mainly be a summary of what updates have been done to each section of the site or other site news.  You'll find some model car news here, toy-grade radio controlled cars, Hot Wheels surprises and many other things going on with the site.  This is a general page to see what updates have been done to the website sections and to explore featured sections.  This will be expanded a bit to not only focus on site updates but to give you some general news that come to me when browsing online and such.  There are other sites out there that provide more in-depth features but I'll try my best as an independent to bring you what I can and help you with your scale automotive collecting hobby.

August 13, 2021

Hot and humid summer here on and off- a lot going on but did get a chance to do a brief update on the diecast 1/64 and up page.  Once it is nicer out will consider a review or two but the site is still here.  Not the fanciest or newest design but as long as it works.  Too bad no more 1/55 Mattel Fast and Furious items or even the item to the right - guess that became vaporware as probably only prototypes exist I suppose.  The F9 movie is out so expect to see more Fast and Furious products promoted even if they are only Jada Toys reboxed vehicles.  Never know though - diecast companies might surprise us - we shall see.

May 5, 2021

More diecast pouring through along with r/c and model kits getting out there in the scale automobile world for all of us to enjoy.  Slowly but surely.  Still getting up to speed with some personal things here.  I'm doing ok just a few things to take care of that takes up most of my time and then I get chronic fatigue which doesn't help.  I will try my best though to get some fresh content onto the site.  It is more of an old schools style website you can say as most have gone to social media and doing video reviews instead.  Wish to thank my visitors though to the site and for their patience, etc.

January 8, 2021

Due to some personal matters and such, I haven't been able to keep this site as updated and fresh as I wish.  Don't worry though as I'm doing ok myself but need to take care of some other matters though will get to this site here as soon as I'm able to.  There has been a lot released in diecast over the past year or so especially in 1/24 scale and 1/18 - we got our taste of the 1/18 Ford Mercury Full Size Station Wagons from the 1980s by Greenlight.

One of the pluses to see in 1/18 scale a modern station wagon even though under their Artisan line hence no opening hood but the rear tailgate and front doors do open.  Other areas were the standard Hot Wheels, Matchbox and higher end collectible companies.  Plans include to cover more but for now looks like little Fast and Furious releases except for the standard ones from Jada in various scales but nothing from the now defunct at the moment Mattel 1/55 line-up.  Time will tell though but wanted to give you visitors are more in-depth update this time around.

--- past website news and updates ---

November 21, 2020

Site news coming soon but will try to add a review or two if possible as with the cold weather I'll be indoors to do 1/24 scale r/c or similar and some other write-ups.  Otherwise not much to report with the world having to deal with everything that is going on.  Remember though to take some time and enjoy these hobbies as it will help us relieve some stress and give us a smile to look at our collection, etc.

April 2, 2020

With what is going on in the world and some personal reasons unrelated to world events, I had little chance to give time to my hobby website here.  I'd advise you to still browse around the sections.  I am looking into making this compatible for newer browsers such as mobile versions if it is within the budget and not too involved.  Take a look at the For Sale / Wanted / Trade section as I have some updates there along with links to the other diecast site I post some items for sale on.  Looks like I might be posting more items for sale / trade on the site here as the flea market toy show has been pushed back for now where I usually get rid of my extras or unwanted items from my collection to add to the hobby budget so I can get newer or different items.  There's no sponsorship or big budget here, just the average hobbyist.  Hey, who knows maybe I'll surprise you with a new article / review on here soon as I'll have more time indoors.  Just need to set it up.

January 5, 2020

For the New Year, nothing really has changed overall for the site.  I wish to keep this going and updated the best I can.  The review for the New Bright 1/24 1967 Camaro r/c car was going to cover the car as new from them but while field testing the car (aka running it around the living room in 2019) I decided it was not worth to review with the turbo boost button.  I may try another of their updated cars in 1/24 scale to see if I get the same response as that could have been a fluke.  The car isn't bad but not like a non-turbo boost or one forward speed chassis version.

Otherwise just getting through the cold and winter here, wondering if there will be much snow.  As you have read many times, I will try to get more reviews up on here.  Possibly even the Turbo Boost updated New Bright 1/24 cars if I see something else out there than the Camaro.  The Camaro is now a project car so I might change over that page to reflect the updates I did using another New Brght donor vehicle.  There will be diecast updates and reviews as well.  Just wanted to give you all a heads up on what's going on.


December 20, 2019

Sorry for the lack of reviews and diecast updates.  With some health issues, nothing major and some other things I haven't been able to get the site updated as it should have been done.  I do try to keep the Mattel 1/55 updated as I have some collector friends send in info which they find along with anything that I might come across.  Most other sites are more in-depth for Hot Wheels and other 1/64 diecast.  I do try to keep you visitors updated though with some general news on the Diecast page for mostly 1/64 but I throw all scales in there..

September 5, 2019

Summer is almost over.  There's not much updates to the site at this time.  Should be more items coming out soon for us scale vehicle collectors as the holiday season is only a few months away.  I'll try to do some more reviews but have been taking it easy with my health and with the hot and humid weather that we had here for awhile.  Just wanted to get up to speed a bit.

July 5, 2019

The usual releases from the diecast companies are out there along with model kit reissues, recolors and some updates.  There is nothing major to report except for Jada's 20th Anniversary 1/24 series on my Diecast page.  No other big news, the same sets and stuff out there.  Guess the highlight will be Greenlight's 1/18 Monster Truck diecast vehicles once they are out.

May 13, 2019

Didn't get around to the reviews.  I'm still active in the hobby but didn't get the time to sit down and do any more write-ups or reviews. Will try to get some more new content up on the site soon.  With the nicer weather, plan to get out to some flea markets and shops to take a look around plus thin out my collection some more.  I will likely add some cool things to the collection as well so it is like a stalemate of sorts with the collection getting a bit smaller which is my goal.

March 20, 2019

Nothing special this time around but I do have a short update on the 1/64 diecast page.

February 14, 2019

Happy New Year - Hope you will have a great 2019!   Unfortunately, personal life had me busy for a month or so.  I'll try my best to get updates here when I'm able to.  Some minor updates to the Mattel 1/55 Fast and Furious guide.  Added show info to the Links & Shows page.

December 1, 2018

There is a review I'm working on for a New Bright 1/24 1967 Camaro r/c car which now features a Turbo Boost function and I can do that indoors due to the colder weather plus snow - great item to run indoors at this time of year.  The other parts of the site hasn't really been updated much.  I had mentioned I was going to have an article giving advice on selling or buying a huge diecast collection but with too many variables including pricing fluctuations, I decided not to write about that at this time.  As a collector and flea market / online buyer to get a few pieces myself including selling parts of my collection I don't want, I see both sides but still might give the wrong impression.  For now, I'll keep on track with what I've been doing with the website here mostly sharing of information, photos and some reviews.

October 5, 2018

Not much to report at this time.  I have a diecast project I'm working on with a friend so that is taking up some time and energy.  I plan to document some of it here in the future in an article because of the sheer vast amount the person collected.  I do have a non-disclosure and primacy agreement so I can't divulge too many details but I'd like to cover the highlights of it and what is involved in case we have to sell an entire collection at once, the pros and cons, the actual value of items, what to expect to get, etc.

August 28, 2018

Very minor updates to the site including some news posted on the Diecast 1/64 page.  Look for Jada 1/10 scale Drift Turbo r/c cars such as Brian's Skyline in silver / blue and Han's Custom RX-7 in black and orange.  These feature USB charging with a street price around $40.00  Hopefully the humidity is a bit better for September so I can get a review up here for something new as the site is due for one..

August 8, 2018

Updated the Fast and Furious Mattel 1/55 Guide with a prototype section as cars have been spotted.  The humidity affects my health a bit so you'll have to wait for some more reviews and updates.  I'll do my best to sneak one in soon before the fall such as a radio control car or do a diecast review.  I haven't decided what to do yet.  Otherwise keep watch for more Mattel 1/64 and other releases slowly getting out there.  Hey, maybe I'll do a model kit review for a change - something snap kit or prepainted diecast related.

June 18, 2018

Added some more diecast info such as a collectible magazine related to Hot Wheels on the Diecast 1/64 and Misc page plus updated the For Sale / Trade / Wanted section.

May 23, 2018

By chance, I noticed on Walmart's website that there's a 1:55 Six Vehicle Camo Series inspired by vehicles from The Fast and The Furious.  More details on the 1:55 Fast and Furious Mattel Guide about these.

Posted a new review on the site of the Light Riders 1/24 r/c Dodge Challenger radio control car.  The car is nice but has its flaws but luckily the replacement worked without issue out of the box so I won't cover the first issue as sometimes you'll get a bad apple now and then.  More coming soon to the site.  There isn't any other updates to report at this time.

April 24, 2018

Keep on the lookout for more special Hot Wheels 50th and Matchbox 65th items. Look for 50th Black and Gold six car set Hot Wheels in places like Family Dollar and other dollar stores, grocery and supermarket stores plus a retro decades ten car 50th set.  They'll be out there.  Read more on the diecast 1/64 page.  Nothing else updated at this time.  For reviews, I am working on a 1/24 r/c Dodge Challenger from an off-brand I got from a catalog online but have to wait for a replacement to arrive as the first one had an issue.

January 4, 2018

Happy New Year!  There isn't that much to report but I got word of more prototypes for the Mattel 1/55 Fast and Furious line-up.  A lot are eager to complete the first round of cars but they have been very slow to show up in stores and the ones on certain online auction sites have gone for outrageous amounts of money.  Don't worry as they'll get out there eventually to the regular supply lines.

December 24, 2017

Check out the Hobby Photos section to see my completed Revell Snaptite 1/25 Scale 2014 Corvette model kit.  It isn't perfect by no means but got me back into trying my hand at spray painting again and plastic model kit building.  I'll start another model project in the spring possibly when the weather is warmer again.  Otherwise nothing really new to report, the holiday season is here so there will be more toys out and scale replicas such as diecast and r/c toys so be on the watch.  I apologize for the lack of updates, I'll try to get a new review posted up here soon and maybe some other things.

October 15, 2017

With help from various people, I was able to update the Mattel 1/55 Fast and Furious Diecast Reference Guide with more details.  Check it out for some interesting info and a link to a Flickr photo album for pictures relating to the series.  Nothing much else to report as updates.  I was able to get some painting in on a 2014 Corvette Stingray model kit albeit a SnapTite by Revell.  You can check out the preliminary paint job in the photo gallery section under the newly added model kit projects for 2017 and beyond part.

August 25, 2017

I do apologize for the lack of reviews.  To redeem myself though, there is a new review finally added in the reviews section of the New Bright 1/14 Jeep Trailcat Dashcam r/c which includes an on-board streaming camera.  Some new diecast in 1/64 from Greenlight, Auto World, M2 and others.  While not diecast but still interesting, New Bright is coming out for 2017-2018 with some interesting r/c vehicles such as a rock crawler Bronco, an off road Jeep with an in-car camera with FPV (first person view) capability with a smartphone and the best part is in their low cost 1/24 line-up introducing a few muscle cars notably a 1969 Charger Daytona, 1967 Camaro and a 1968 Mustang Fastback plus a 1/24 1972 Chevy Blazer monster truck.  Be sure to read my new review and stay tuned for more.

July 29, 2017

Nothing new to report except that Mattel is bringing out for early fall a Fast and Furious Ice Charger radio control car.  This example looks to be about 1/16th scale or a bit larger.  They are also probably going to release some more toys in their Fast and Furious line-up such as Deluxe Stunt Stars that include two vehicles, figurines, etc.  A glimpse of what to come is two Dodge Charger in about 1/32 scale sedans beefed up from Fast Five towing the safe with Dom and Brian figures.  I'm debating to expand this section a tad to include news other than 1/64 diecast since I already have a section devoted to that along with updates to the site as normally done.  Hopefully I can get my hands on that Mattel R/C Ice Charger once it hits the market because while it looks to be geared towards kids it might be cool for us older kids at heart to collect.

July 11, 2017

Today F8 aka The Fate of the Furious was released on DVD / Blu-Ray for all of you Fast and Furious fans in North America aka Region 1.  I'm not sure about the rest of the world when it will be out.  I got an email from a website visitor giving more information, some very detailed I'd say helping out with the Mattel 1/55 Diecast Vehicle Reference Guide section.  There hasn't been much else to report except the usual recolors and some other new castings in the 1/64 diecast world.  I'll do my best to get a new review up here, possible a Jada 1/24 r/c from Furious 8.  I wish to thank everyone that does visit my website here.

June 25, 2017

There hasn't been much going on at the moment for the site.  The links and shows page has been updated.  The For Sale / Trade / Wanted section has some changes.  This is usually the slow time of the year.  Maybe I'll sneak in a review or two with the nice weather such as something radio control related.  We shall see.  Added a note to the photo gallery so people understand that items there are for show only and not available for sale.

March 31, 2017

I am working on a reference guide for Mattel's line of 1/55 Fast and Furious diecast vehicles including the various cars and trucks plus other custom vehicles they released so far.  It won't be a definitive guide but I am doing my best to list what I know is already out there and go from my own resources such as what I already spotted available in stores.  No other major updates at this time to site but feel free to browse around.

February 3, 2017

Fast & Furious movie fans will be excited to know that Mattel is the official license holder for the franchise.  They already have released their first run of 1/55 diecasts without the Hot Wheels name just Mattel on them with three and five packs plus coming next will be 1/32 cars and figurine playsets, 1/55 playsets from the movies and more I assume.  There's a brief write-up I did about these and plan to do more in the future so be sure to check the reviews part of the site or the main page.  This is the slow time of the year with releases so it will take some time for new stuff to be out from Greenlight, M2 and others.  Updated the links and shows page with The Toy Peddler as a resource to find mostly 1/64 scale diecast cars from other people plus you can even sell some of your own.

January 12, 2017

A new year so that means some new updates to the website here.  Nothing major just some tidbits on the diecast 1/64 page and plans do include to have more comparisons and reviews for this year.  I wish to thank all of my visitors and please check back as I get the time to add new articles, photos and keep the site updated the best I can.

November 12, 2016:

A new test drive has been completed of the newly released Greenlight 1/18 1967 Eleanor Gone in 60 Mustang Radio Control car and once you've done with that be sure to view the reviews section for past reviews of diecast, r/c and even maybe a model kit.  Otherwise, gear up for the holiday season as you'll see new diecast releases from Mattel for Hot Wheels with their new 2017 line-up plus many others including scale models and replicas in all scales and sizes.  Check over the site such as the diecast news and tips for more specific news and hints regarding the hobby.  There might be something in the for sale and swap meet that you'll find interesting as I have added a few more items to help my collecting budget and thin out the herd a bit.

October 21, 2016:

The diecast 1/64 news and tips section has an update added to it with some tweaking to the site a bit such as a photo here or there plus some minor updates across the board, nothing major to report.  Hopefully I can get an r/c review in as they seem popular and maybe a video clip of the car out for a test drive to try and catch up with what everyone else is doing.  Happy Collecting!

September 12, 2016:

Added a variation to the Hobby Photos section of a Hot Wheels 2015 issue Scrion FR-S I found in a dollar store.  This example is missing the roof and hood deco.  A neat variation so check it out.  Mattel is top notch for quality control with most of their $1 and collectible cars so don't be deterred by them but a few slip through now and then.  I estimate that I have found about 1 in 1,000 from all the cars and years collecting and trading them.  No other reviews at this time but will try to fit an r/c one in before the cold weather sets in for the fall / winter.  A radical Jada 1/16 R/C Off-Road Fast and Furious Dom's 1970 Dodge Charger Monster Truck style vehicle has been released on the market with a $60 price tag.  There's also a new Jada 1/16 Chase Twin Pack with a Hellcat Challenger and a Hellcat Charger Sedan Police Car promoting 2.4ghz now with turbo boost on the twin stick controllers for about $50 or so.  The r/c cars are very tempting but they take up a lot of room hence me focusing on the smaller scales such as 1/64, 1/55 and maybe some 1/43 or 1/32 with very limited 1/24 cars.  Good way to stick to your budget as well.

August 3, 2016:

There's a new review up a Jada Toys vs. Hot Wheels Furious 6 Charger Daytona diecast comparison.  With shots showing the ever slight size difference.  Some updates and changes to the For Sale / Trade / Wanted section.  Hope to sell some extras so I can put that money towards some new cars that are coming out such as Jada's 1/24 Hellcat Challenger.  I tend to stick with mostly smaller scale cars around 1/64 or 1/55 but get one or two 1/24-1/25-1/26 cars if they're a must have such as the Challenger.  I like the style of the late model Challenger so I'm trying to keep up with them in 1/24 scale.  Sometimes you have to bend the collecting rules a bit as long as you don't go overboard.  The fall season is soon here so expect more new releases from the diecast and r/c lines..

July 18, 2016:

A hot update in the Diecast 1/64 news section literally as a joke relating to the humidity and temps here at the moment but then in the winter I'll say it is too cold out to go out.  Moved some more articles over to the Diecast 1/64 archive section, mostly 2015-era updates.  There's a photo added of a Lesney Matchbox 1966 Mustang Fastback to the Hobby Photo Gallery of the site.  I apologize for the lack of reviews but I've been dealing with some personal issues and will try to get one up here possibly of an r/c car due to the weather being nice out for a driveway test drive.

June 6, 2016:

Venture on over to the Hobby Photos section to see a few Hot Wheels errors I had found over the years collecting.  They aren't all that common but interesting nonetheless.  A brief update in the Diecast 1/64 news and articles section.

April 21, 2016:

There was much added to the site since the last update except for some more news in the Diecast 1/64 news and articles section which features viewpoints about what is going on in the 1/64 collecting world along with collecting tips and such.  Looking to add another radio control review since the weather is getting nice out.

February 8, 2016:

Another new year and more new diecasts to collect this!  I got a chance to write-up a review on some unique 1/64-ish size diecast so be sure to read the Revoz diecast review I posted.  These are made by a different company called Playmind and give a twist to the usual diecast out there by Hot Wheels, Maisto, Matchbox and the like.  Nothing else new but luckily I'm not out there to collect all of the new stuff or my wallet would be empty.  My advice is always to collect what you like and don't worry that you can't buy or have them all.  This way you won't wind up with a bunch of stuff you don't really need.  Nothing else new on the site here, maybe I'll try to get another r/c review in soon.  I wish to thank all my visitors and hope they return to check for new content now and then.  I wish I could do more reviews and offer more but I know the site is still appreciated.

October 18, 2015:

I've decided to keep collecting tips and more updated news on the Diecast 1/64 Hot Wheels page while creating an archive section for older news such as from 2014 and back.  This way things won't get out of hand and I can keep the newest write-ups on one section and have the other for older news that people can read through.  The collecting articles and tips will stay on the main page.  Hopefully before the winter weather sits in I can get another r/c review done for the site.  Just think soon we'll be looking for 2016 Hot Wheels and others!

August 11, 2015:

There's an update on the Diecast and Hot Wheels news article page including a photo added of a dump bin of cars.  A source of mine noted that there's a big scale 1:12 size Fast and Furious Blown 1970 Dodge Charger Street Car out by Jada in their r/c line-up exclusive to Target in select stores at this time.  This was a surprise to me.  I might have to find a way to justify getting this one.  I did receive Letty's Off-Road Dodge Challenger 1/16 R/C car so look for a review in the near future along with the 1/24 F&F r/c cars by Jada once I get my hands on them.  I'm trying to keep this a diecast site but toy and low-cost r/c keep popping up on here.

July 24, 2015:

You can read the completed with outdoor driveway test for the 1/16 Furious 7 Off Road Dodge Charger.  The Jada 1/16 Off-Road Challenger is out so I plan to review that as soon as I'm able to get my hands on one.  Diecast is pouring into the stores albeit slowly so be on the lookout.  No other big updates at this time.  I'll try to get some more updates to the site sooner as I have been.  Thanks to all my visitors.

June 26, 2015:

Finally I was able to add another r/c review to the site, check out the 1/16 Furious 7 Off-Road Dodge Charger review.  The Challenger will be next once I can get my hands on one so the reviews section might have more additions very soon.  There is nothing much else updated to the site except for some more 1/64 diecast news.  More releases are due from companies like Jada, M2 Machines, Greenlight, Hot Wheels, etc. so keep watch at your factory stores and online.

March 3, 2015:

This hasn't been a lot going on except for adding a few more 2015 mainlines to my Hot Wheels collection and waiting to see what else is out there.  No major updates to the site but hope to get more reviews on here as soon as possible.  Head over to the 1/64 Diecast and Hot Wheels section for some more news about diecast.  Keep your eyes pealed for Furious 7 and Fast & Furious diecast by Jada for the upcoming movie.  There are even some r/c items being released by them.

February 4, 2015:

The site is due for some new reviews but I am not sure exactly what vehicles to do.  I might do a unique r/c car that I recently picked up and possibly some diecast in various scales.  Some of the shipments are coming in to the various distributors and getting to the retail outlets but hope they can speed up the process or we won't be able to buy all at once.  Thanks to all my visitors and hope you enjoy the site.

January 9, 2015:

The new year is here and more collectibles are on the racks.  Keep watch in the stores for new 2015 Hot Wheels and other releases.  Unfortunately, due to some shipment delays we have to wait for our collectibles but they'll be here soon.  Greenlight and M2 are putting out some neat stuff and we have great items from AutoWorld and Hot Wheels in 1/64 scale.  Can't wait to see what is in store for 2015.  The bigger scales have their 1/24 releases due out anytime now including the Maisto 2015 Mustang GT in stock and custom form for their 1/24 diecast line.  Hopefully, we get the larger 1/18 1969 Custom Dodge Daytona from the Fast and Furious movie franchise soon from Greenlight.  The site here focuses mostly on diecast and metal automobile collectibles but we might divulge into plastic and r/c if the items are interesting to us including even min-reviews and write-ups.  More of these are planned for 2015 including some non-paid reviews of where to find them online.  Best wishes for a happy 2015 in the scale automobile collecting world!

November 20, 2014:

Busy season with the holidays coming up so be sure to check the stores to see what scale automobilia they have stocked. The custom tuner drifter 1/24 Nissan Skyline diecast review is finally finished!  Nothing else to report at this time.  Possibly some more reviews and articles will happen as I get time and energy..

August 24, 2014:

The reviews section finally has a diecast review completed!  I just worked on putting the finishing touches to complete the Norscot 1/24 2015 Tahoe Police SUV review.  I hope that you find the review unbiased and in-depth enough to give you an idea if the SUV is right for you.  The custom Nissan Skyline is next on the block to complete and I also plan to do another radio control review.  Feedback is appreciated so you can contact me via the email link at the bottom of the page.  No other major updates at this time.

August 5, 2014:

The site hasn't had much updates but will soon since I am getting in some more 1/24 and will review some of the vehicles.  Look for them as I have more fun looking for new releases and different cars in the larger scale compared to Hot Wheels.  The 1/64 are great, don't get me wrong but I find that it is tough to get the cars you want without paying higher than $1 for Hot Wheels.  They can get addicting as well so you have more than you can easily store.  I'll keep with both but 1/24 is back on top again.  1/18 will be off limits for the most part due to size.

June 5, 2014:

Extending the 10% off special to all visitors to the site for my For Sale section.  This sale is being held until the end of June.  Take an extra 10% all items listed up for sale.  The discount is not retroactive and does not cover shipping costs.  Added some Retro Entertainment Hot Wheels Items on that page including a Pop Culture Star Trek Uhura Jeep Wagoneer and a Looney Tunes Elmer Fudd Bronco.

May 11, 2014:

Minersville Rotary's 4th Annual Car Show was May 18th.  I had offered a 10% discount for anyone visiting and purchasing a donated item I had given to them at the show.  A new review is coming soon which will be my first diecast one for the website of a 1/24 Nissan Skyline R34 Tuner Car.

April 26, 2014:

Clearing out some of my collection such as Forever 64 Johnny Lightning cars, Hot Wheels and other items in the For Sale / Trade section.  Going to post a review soon of a new 1/24 r/c car I picked up along with planning my 1/24 radio control project to get that going and then posted.  Wrote up an April summary for the 1/64 diecast part of the site.

March 9, 2014:

Some minor updates to my diecast hot wheels news blog department.  Upcoming radio control project in 1/24 scale.  Hope to clear out my duplicate Hot Wheels so I can get more for the collection.

November 19, 2013:

Lack of updates but been busy so haven't had the time.  Updated the For Sale / Trade page with new previewed DVD movies.  Noticed some new cars being released for 1/64 diecast.  I plan to do some more r/c reviews soon.  Maybe throw in a model kit review as well.  Radio Shack has revived the Xmods name for their upgradeable semi-hobby style r/c line-up for the 2013 Holiday season.

October 23, 2013:

I can finally cross off the Hot Wheels 1/64 2013 New Release Fast and Furious 6 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona off my want list.  I've been looking around for that car for many months now.  None of them showed up locally unless they were picked clean before I got a chance to get one.  A fellow diecast collector from a forum helped me out.  I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg either.  I had to be patient in him shipping them to me as I asked for two, I just wanted an extra one just for kicks or if I decide to display it unpackaged.

Looking through my 1/64 collection, I have decided to try and focus on certain subjects.  This way I can keep more interest on finding certain subjects rather than just gathering new ones.  From the sources I read, K-mart is having their next Kday for Hot Wheels on November 2nd.  No word on what the special cars would be.  The AutoWorld 1/64 diecast are not being restocked too quickly at the local Walmart.  My guess is that either they don't know to put more out or they didn't get the stock in.  Maybe there were some collectors that bought out all of them as well.  I was hoping to look at that big Cadillac in person to see if it was worth buying it.

On another note, the Fast and Furious 6 movie is due out on DVD Blu-Ray December 10th.  I seen no news about Greenlight and their 1/43 line-up of Fast and Furious cars so maybe they decided not to go with them.  They seem a little pricey at around $20 for 1/43 scale cars.

October 3, 2013:

Kmart had their K-day event in September which brought an influx of new Hot Wheels cars including some Kmart only colors.  I didn't make it to the event but I hear that they are a madhouse so decided to stay away.  Just recently found some more Hot Wheels locally, looks like the newest 2014 issues are coming out.  I was able to grab the new style 1969 Charger Daytona in bright red with white stripes which is the 2nd color scheme for this body style while the Fast and Furious one still eludes me.  I might have to either buy one from a dealer or trade for it.  The Auto World 1/64 diecast cars are popping up here and there but I only grabbed a few just for the collection.  Matchbox has some neat cars out include a repaint of the 1956 Buick Police Car, a newer Dodge Charger police car and the Dodge A100 Pickup as stock.

September 5, 2013:

I have noticed that the 1/64 Auto World diecast cars will be carried also by Toys R Us and not just Wal-Mart.  I think the Auto World Online Store will carry them also.  I have only found the middle price point cars locally and they have yet to stock any more.  I am waiting to get a few of the other cheaper and more expensive price points to do a complete review.  One of the best lines next to the Fast and Furious collector series to come from Hot Wheels is the new Cool Classics.  I found some more cars locally and they look great with all metal construction, fancy shiny paint and details.  They are more expensive than regular mainline cars but show up better than some of the more flat colors in the Boulevard series.  Hopefully I will find fresh new Hot Wheels this month as the Fast and Furious 1969 Charger Daytona has still not been found by me so far.  I just do not wish to pay extra just to have the car.  A possible trade but not to pay shipping and such just to get one car.  No other special diecasts out there in the wild.  I will do the NKOK 1/16 Challenger review soon.

August 23, 2013:

Located some of the newly released 1/64 Auto World diecast cars, hopefully they'll put more of them out soon.  I picked up the 1961 Dodge and 1969 Pontiac Trans Am.  I am waiting for the other releases to get the Cadillac and 1971 Mustang.  They look great so far from what I seen.  There was also some Hot Wheels Cool Classics but nothing else new.  The Fast and Furious 1969 Charger Daytona still eludes me so far in 2013.  Maybe one will pop up for me soon.

August 2, 2013:

Since it is still summer, I haven't seen anything new yet for Hot Wheels which I guess they are waiting for it to get close to fall to get new stock in especially locally.  Some new 1/64 Greenlight and M2 Machines are out but nothing that special.

I might break out of 1/64 and get one or two of those new Fast and Furious 1/43 cars coming from Greenlight.  There only hold-out on those is I want to see if they will be new molds or borrowed ones from other companies.  For the price, I am hoping they are better detailed than your average 1/43 $5 diecasts.

July 25, 2013:

Not a lot going on at this time.  I did get through most of my Hot Wheels I got from trades and such.  I have them sorted out and all they need now is just to be put a storage container or two.  The rest I'll go through and offer here.  I have decided to sell / trade some of my Johnny Lightning 1/64 cars so they'll be gone through shortly and posted on the site along with the extra Hot Wheels.

There is really nothing to report what is new on the collecting side of things.  I expect the stores to have new store in around September as they get ready for the holiday season.

July 13, 2013:

Good luck strikes again as I was able to take another car off my Diecast 1/64 Want List by finding deals on a diecast collectors forum.  The price was reasonable but the shipping is what brings the cost up.  I added a few cars to even it out so it wasn't that bad in the end.  Now I need to take the time and take some photos to show what is left of my extra loose 1/24 cars if by chance I can get them sold or traded.  No good finds locally around in the stores for 1/64 diecast.  They don't stock much for the summer months, I hope to find some more soon especially Hot Wheels I'm looking for which are new for 2013.  I'll just have to be patient.

The 1/16 Challenger R/C car review is now up.  I will add some more photos later.  Hope it is up to the standards of my visitors.  As for my 1/64 collecting, I found more new Hot Wheels Jukebox Cars exclusive for now to Walmart.  No 1979 Ford Pickup though.  it is odd how they have them grouped but I figure they can't do Disco for late 1970s cars as there isn't many in their line-up to do Disco.  They are fairly close as it is the same decade at least.  Rock 'n Roll is pretty spot on.  Some news posted about diecast in the diecast section.  Nothing else to report as the summer is usually the slow time.

June 21, 2013:

I received some more Hot Wheels to add to my collection including a Treasure Hunt 1992 Mustang which gets crossed off my most wanted list.  I hope to find some more at a good prices or even a trade deal.  Auto World sent me their newest catalog which announces their new line-up of 1/64 diecast cars.  I hope to get one from each series just to see what they look like.  Each has different level of detail in 1/64 for the three levels.  Some I assume will only be available at a certain price so you might have to spend more to get that car you really want.  We will have to wait and see.  The shots look great online but I have to have them in person to really judge them.

June 14, 2013:

There was some photos added to the For Sale / Trade page of the cars I have available.  These are extras from my collection and the funds will be used to help add more 1/64 cars.  The larger cars take up too much room and this way I have more space for the Hot Wheels and other brands.  Since I'm acquiring more 1/64 cars in groups, I will get duplicates or unwanted cars in lots so those will be listed in the same section.

Added some small articles to the diecast Hot Wheels page, nothing really special just some common tips and such.  I found the newly released special carded Hot Wheels Fast and Furious cars so I got my own set for the collection.  They really went fast.  (no pun intended) as I see the store is nearly cleaned out of them.  There should be more new Hot Wheels coming but be patient as it just the middle of the year so we have a little under six months to go.

No time yet to do a review of the 1/16 Dodge Challenger but I will try to get it posted within the next week or so as I hate to keep you waiting.  Found some new release Hot Wheels this past week.  I added a bunch to my collection.  Mostly muscle cars and some others.  I even got the new 1989 Batmobile for myself.  Got a stash of some older pre-2009 Hot Wheels I need to go through as some are duplicates and I have a box of others I got in a trade to sort through.  Once I have those taken care of.  I'll post them in the for sale / trade section and add some more wants in case anyone is interested in working out a deal.

May 24, 2013:

You can find the information in the gallery section such as photos of the Spirit F-1 Portable HO slot car track.  The review will be posted shortly on the 1/16 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 Radio Control car and along with that I have just created a reviews section for r/c and model kits to cover those subjects.  I like most any make / model for the most part to collect but prefer muscle cars old and new including some tuners.  I picked that car up to add to my 2008-current Dodge Challenger Concept and Production Car collection since I liked the looks of it and the price was right!

May 21, 2013:

I found some newer 2013 Hot Wheels at Wal-Mart last week but nothing exciting yet such as the Fast and Furious series of cars or the other new releases.  The way that I collect means that if I find them then I do but I won't go out of my way.  I do have the regular mainline orange Supra Hot Wheels new for this year but no rush on the others.  Made a trade deal with a great guy for some diecast to get rid of my plastic model kits I had up for sale.  I can't be around paint much especially harsh ones so I am getting some diecast kits instead.  I know I was to get out of getting more 1/24 but these will give me something to do (build) when I'm not working on my 1/64 collection.

Checked out a local antique shop which had some Hot Wheels, I found a few for $1.00 each and seen one or two Treasure Hunts but not paying $25.00 a piece for them.  From trading and such, I do have a box of Hot Wheels I need to go through to put the extras up for swapping along with ones that don't interest me.  Hopefully, I can trade for ones I like to add to my collection.  Most of the ones I am interested in are street, muscle cars and some hot rods but no custom creature cars or things like that.

May 16, 2013:

The first article directly related to Hot Wheels was posted about the 1959 Hot Wheels Chevrolet Impala cars with some minor brief articles so head over to the Diecast Cars section.  Some very informative stuff!.  The first review coming shortly will be concerning a 1/16 scale 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT 392 Radio Control Car for the radio control car enthusiasts out there.  On a collecting note, nothing new in the local stores the last time I checked in the 1/64 range that's interesting.  I think they want to sell what is there until they get new cases in.  I'm not the one to be running store to store to hoard all the new hot releases.

As I have posted before that I picked up some 1/64 as in a Matchbox 60th Anniversary 1962 VW Beetle and a regular London Routemaster Bus for my collection including getting an older issue Hot Wheels Action Pack featuring a T-Bird and Buick Stock Car.  Some of which will be detailed in the gallery part of the site which for now has some old plastic model kits I built up around 2005.  Many updates / additions to the For Sale / Trade page as I would like these extras gone to feed my 1/64 habit and make more space to store them.  I did keep a select few 1/24 and 1/18 but the rest need to go.  I did manage to sell or trade most of them but a few are lingering around so see if anything interests you.  I'm always open to trades or offers.

April 23, 2013:

I haven't picked up much new items in 1/64 for my collection.  The r/c stuff has been gathered up in one box.  Remember, this is stuff that I do not wish to keep around so I wish I can get a buyer for the group soon.  It will help clear more space for the diecast storage.  Looking through my diecast I will be putting some more up for sale or trade.  The site is going slow for now but I do plan to put more articles up.  I'm waiting on some items to arrive in the mail such as some NASCARs I got on sale along with regular 1/64 cars.

April 18, 2013:

Most of the unwanted 1/24 and 1/18 diecast cars are gone.  I do have many loose ones left especially in 1/24 which I plan to sell or possibly trade later but right now I only had interest in the boxed cars.  These are mint but some just are cautious with them as some get dusty and dirty easily if not kept in the correct environment.  My next job will be to thin out my r/c as I really don't have much time for those vehicles either so best to weed that down to just the essentials.

The website hasn't really been updated much at all.  Just a few tweaks.  I do plan to write more when I have the time.  From checking the local stores, it looks like their diecast stock is at a stand-still right now.  I guess just letting it dwindle down until more is needed.  I have created a diecast section on the site where I will post articles relating to the 1/64 hobby mostly on a personal level but detailing some news and tidbits..

April 11, 2013:

I found the new for 2013 Hot Wheels 1/64 Star Trek Enterprise the other week,  I was surprised to find it at a local store so it is a very appreciate item for my collection.  Some might argue it is not a vehicle but I found it unique plus being a Star Trek fan I thought it was neat.

I'm slowly working on clearing out what I don't want in my diecast collection especially 1/24 and 1/18 scales.  Once I have most of them sold or traded away which will take some time, I can focus on just 1/64 exclusively.  Future plans include getting storage containers and then organizing them somewhat such as separating the more collectible cars from the common ones.

Site news include a slight updated to the For Sale section and I do plan to add more to the photo gallery.

March 19, 2013:

I was able to work a little on the photo gallery to post some plastic model kits I built up around 2005 and did some more work on the Links and Shows page to post the information there as well.  I think I have most of everything moved over from the old site that I want.  Still need to move over the info about the portable slot car set but then that should be about it.  I will then be able to concentrate more on this site including posting more diecast collecting information and even maybe some reviews.

The For Sale page has been updated to reflect more extras I have to sell or trade.  Revell has reissued the 1/25 Grave Digger Monster Truck Snap-Tite Kit with an average street price of $16.00 which isn't bad at all for a 1/25 scale plastic kit.  You can find my build I did years ago of the original snap kit in the photo gallery.

This could be possibly vaporware as it hasn't been spotted as of July 2019 out on the retail market.  I guess for now Mattel has put the Fast and Furious line on hold but would have been nice to have.

They do have Fast and Furious cars in their Hot Wheels line-up though so take a look.

It was slated to be released in the Mattel Deluxe Stunt Stars Fast and Furious series which is around 1/32 scale.  I hope Mattel does come out with this and doesn't drop the line completely.




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