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New Bright has been a long standing name in the radio control business for the last couple of decades.  They have been innovative with their radio control vehicle line-up from cars to trucks over the years.  Now they introduce to the toy grade r/c market an in-car streaming dashcam radio controlled Jeep Trailcat.  Here's my test drive and summary of what I think of this vehicle and if it is worth the price tag for this FPV option 4x4 r/c.  One of their new items for 2017, we'll see if they came out on top with this one.  Remember to visit the main reviews section for more.  All of my reviews unless otherwise stated are products that are purchased directly by me from a retail establishment either in-person or online thus they are unbiased for the most part.

New Bright Radio Control 1/14 Scale Dashcam Jeep Trailcat Review

Coming from New Bright the second half of 2017 is an on-board camera Jeep 4x4 radio controlled vehicle for under $60.00

This was a big surprise to see a 4x4 rock crawler type vehicle with an on-board camera in a department store's toy grade r/c department.  The age recommendation is 8+ for this vehicle.  Some younger kids might need help downloading the New Bright Dashcam App to their smart device / phone but they shouldn't have much trouble.  Don't know exactly where to start but looks like New Bright created a new vehicle here as the Trailcat body is new.  From doing some research online, it looks like an updated chassis version of their 1/18 Jeep Rock Crawler from 2012 but with new tires, wheels and body with other upgrades such as to take a Lithium Ion pack.  The front could have come with an updated skid plate or bumper but as long as you don't run this full speed into things you should be fine and you shouldn't be doing that anyway for safety of objects, animals and people.

This thing has some muscle with a 9.6 volt Lithium Ion flat pack to power everything.  The pack came charged from the factory when taken out of the box but the instruction manual say it takes anywhere from 1 to 1/2 hours to full charge the battery.  The light on the wall charger will go from steady solid red to blinking green when the pack is fully charged.  I haven't driven this long enough to give you an estimate on how long a battery will last on a charge but I suspect at least 20-30 minutes even with the lights and camera on.  You read that right, it does have two LED front lights that work when the camera is on but you can run it without the app connected to have working lights.

The App guides you through syncing and turning on your WiFi your smart phone or device has to pick up the Dashcam signal that is broadcasting when the vehicle is on.  Once it is connected, the App will show you a simulated in car picture frame with options to go full FPV if you want to wear the VR goggles (manual states it fits a device up to 6.125 by 3.25) but I chose not to go that route so old school r/c it is.  You can also take video and screenshots via the app while operating the vehicle.  There is a signal strength indicator in the upper right corner for the camera.  The r/c Jeep has the option of you driving it as a regular 4x4 rock crawler type which has some good torque and decent speed when on a flat surface.  The video shows pretty good but isn't like a GoPro or those $1,000 quad copter drones though it is good for the price paid and will get a bit choppy if the signal goes weak.  The picture is clear and sharp especially out in the sun but it will vary per device and this unit broadcasts video only and no sound.

You can mount the phone above the stick controller using the included adjustable bracket attached to the controller.  I had no problem with my LG smart phone which is average size to fit in there and view the on-board camera.  Again, the camera broadcasts its own signal without a password though so remember this when operating especially if you are doing it in classified or private areas like your own home.  I would have liked even a simple password.

The twin stick controller will be familiar to ones that had recent New Bright offering except it has been updated to allow for the smart device / phone holder that can fold out of the way thus the unit is larger overall than the ones they offer for regular vehicles.  The steering and throttle / reverse sticks are responsive and the vehicle is very quick for being of a rock crawler design.  This is pulse and not digital proportional so it is on and off for forward / reverse and steering but responsive overall.  I'd like to point out that the App has an option to control your vehicle via your smart device but for this review I focused on the included unit instead.  There is enough power to do a slight wheelie even in reverse from a stop.  It definitely will bump into things inside a home so be prepared to give it some space.  The lightweight of the thing helps as it is not that heavy even with the battery pack.  I had no trouble taking this in some low cut grass and on inclines.  The Jeep Trailcat is not water resistant or proof so do not run this in rain, puddles or any kind of water.  It is great though for some driveway test runs and off-road adventures.

Street Price:  $59.99

Requirements:  Smartphone / Smart Device (Android or iOS) to run the New Bright App which is available free to download from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

2,4ghz Frequency (Up to six can be raced at the same time)
Ready to Run - RTR
All Batteries Included:  2AAs for Controller, 9.6v Lithium Ion pack for Jeep with Wall Charger
Reasonable Price
Bright LED Front Headlights (Works Only When Camera is Turned On)
Four Wheel Drive with Twin Motors (One Front, One Rear)
Nicely Detailed 1/14 Jeep Trailcat Body
Sharp Looking Video and Photos Especially Outside in the Sunlight

Smartphone / Smart device needed to use New Bright's Dashcam App (free from Google Play or Apple App Store)
No Password for the Streaming On-Board WiFi Video Camera


Wow, an on-board broadcasting WiFi camera r/c vehicle for under $60 at $59.99!  I give this an excellent rating for the novelty of having an on-board streaming video camera where you are actually in the driver's seat.  While not perfect, it worked better than expected with acceptable video quality and easy to connect using the app.  The vehicle responds promptly and has good power and speed with it being 4x4.  Remember this is a toy grade vehicle with no replacement parts easily available so it is not built for a lot of abuse.  It is made though for some fun bashing around the yard, inside the house and such.  A nice overall unit with the novelty of an on-board video camera and I'm glad they made it 4x4 so you are not limited to flat surfaces only like a driveway.

I hope you enjoyed my review on New Bright's on-board camera r/c 4x4 Jeep Trailcat.  Look for more in the future as I put my own spin on these reviews and give you my own two cents regarding the fun factor and more.  Feel free to email me your comments / questions regarding this review.

Bottom View of the New Bright 1/14 Jeep Trailcat Dashcam Box

Controller with LG Smart Phone Attached
(Smart Phone / Device is not included)

Actual Dashcam App View from Smartphone

Following this link will open up a page on New Bright's website with their own details regarding this r/c vehicle.

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