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Welcome to my personal hobby site featuring scale automobiles such as die-cast model cars, model kits, radio control and odd stuff such as DVD movies for sale. Feel free to take a look around!  This is to showcase several hobbies of mine especially diecast cars such as Hot Wheels and to write up a few articles here and there when I get the chance involving die-cast, plastic model car kits, radio control cars and trucks, etc.  There will also be a resource section in addition to my own for sale or trade page for places you can purchase similar items I feature here.  This will include my own experiences from buying from these companies or individuals so you will know I dealt with them directly. 

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Diecast Model Cars DVDs For Sale Wanted Trade

Extra For Sale / Trade and Wanted

I'm always looking for extra funds to expand my diecast collection and other parts of the scale automotive hobby so be sure to visit the For Sale / Trade / Wanted page for a complete list of extras.

You'll find die-cast cars including Hot Wheels (maybe a Treasure Hunt or two including some exclusive Hot Wheels Multipack Cars), bargain priced previewed DVD movies, other diecast cars from 1/64 to 1/24 scale and perhaps a model kit or two.  I am open to trades so check out my want list there for possible trades!

My Diecast Model Car and Truck Collecting Hobby:

Why do I collect metal model cars / trucks?  These are much cheaper than the real thing and you can store them easier.  You can't drive them thought unless you find some radio control versions.  I plan to put some examples on the site here to showcase my collection.  You can just label me a casual collector as I just find cars out in the wild and not into paying big bucks for special editions or chase cars unless I get them in a trade or see one by luck on a store shelf, rack or bin.  The main companies I collect include but not limited to Hot Wheels, Maisto, JADA, ERTL, Johnny Lightning, M2 Machines, Greenlight, Bburago, Matchbox, Racing Champions and many others.  The scales I have collected include 1/87, 1/64, 1/43, 1/32, 1/25, 1/24 and 1/18.

I have mostly met my goal by sticking to 1/64 scale die-cast which means Hot Wheels, Matchbox and a few collectible companies like Greenlight and M2 but I've been picking up 1/24 scale here and there especially online when I need a change of pace.  Now I'm changing gears a bit as my current focus shifts to consolidating the collection down without giving them away but still getting new cars here and there mostly 1/64 scale though.  After collecting a few 1/18 scale cars, I myself and everyone else usually finds that they take up a lot of room plus it can get pretty expensive.  Since I got rid of most of them, I've been able to focus on the smaller scales and gather more of them.  I think I am pretty much done for 1/18 scale and mostly 1/24 except for diecast kits even though I would like to get more since a few of them are irresistible and the price aren't bad depending on the company.  I am happy though with the limited few that I kept and might pick one or two more in the future.  Most of my extras are cleaned out in the larger scales but I do not entirely restrict myself to just 1/64 scale except that I am shying away from 1/18 due to the cost but mostly the size and storage space.

The larger 1/18 cars take up too much space and eat into the collecting budget.  Right now I'd rather just stick with 1/64 including companies such as Hot Wheels plus some more detailed cars from Auto World, Greenlight and M2 Machines at times including the 2016/2017 issue Johnny Lightnings and Racing Champions but find it fun to pick up 1/24 cars I like as well as the 1/64 cars such as Hot Wheels can pile up a bit.  The goal I have in mind is to stay focused on what I really like or something special like the Fast and Furious 6 Custom 1969 Charger Daytona.  Many people are really into Hot Wheels including redlines and special collector issues but I decided to tone down my collecting of the mainlines that are actual automobiles or trucks to that standpoint or they look cool.  I am not into the rare redlines or other high-priced pieces.  You will find me picking up ones I see that look nice to me and not into hoarding all the popular ones just because they are big with the in-crowd.  This way with sticking to 1/64 or 1/24 I won't be spending my entire budget on one 1/18 scale car and that even includes the space for one of them.  I'll be able to spread out my spending budget for the never ending journey of gathering and swapping these collectible diecast cars.

The Radio Remote Control Car and Truck Part of the Hobby including Slot Cars:

All of my experience with radio and remote control cars have been with electric.  I just prefer electric and in reality you still need batteries for your controller and radio gear if you go nitro or gas.  I've had many different types over the years from the forward and turn in reverse only cars to the hobby grade digital proportional types.  Currently, I am limited on space both for displaying and racing so I am collecting towards more toy grade r/c cars and trucks in various scales such as 1/32, 1/24, 1/16 and 1/14.  I'm not that hard on them so there is rarely a need for parts and another plus is that they make great display cars.  This is just a subset of my main diecast collection so I have something to actually drive around instead of just displaying them.  You can also run them without actually needing a track compared to slot cars.  The size makes it easy to run the smaller ones such as the 1/24 cars around your living room floor.  The goal in this area is to get one digital proportional vehicle either a car or truck that I can run inside and out.  I don't care about speed but as long as I can make adjustments easily from the controller for throttle and steering.  This type would give me proportional steering and throttle.

Update for 2020:  Seems that HO slot cars are sneaking back into my hobby of collecting scale cars a bit as I felt the need to look into setting up a layout on a 4 x 8 foot table.  I managed to clear the items off it and free it up so next up is the plan for a layout and to keep it entertaining, no scenery or worry about serious racing.  Stay tuned with the slot car link above.

Fully Loaded Hobbies Scale Automotive Website Topics:

There are articles and features on 1/64 Die-Cast cars such as Hot Wheels and reviews ranging from die-cast to model car kits to even radio control vehicles.  Many surprises await for you in the future so check back now and then.  There is a photo gallery and head over to the site blog for website updates and news.  You will also find some reviews on radio control cars and model kits so I have most of the bases covered even reviews of 1/24 scale diecast and other stuff mixed in.  While the above states I'm mostly into 1/64 diecast at this time, I do like to check out the radio control cars out there and add a few to my fleet along with a model kit on occasion.  I might even venture out of 1/64 scale and grab a 1/24 or 1/32 car here and there.  I'll try to add more and keep the site updated as I get time from my schedule.  Thanks for visiting!


Disclaimer:  This is a personal website and not related to any company, entity, hobby shop, diecast or other toy model car manufacturer, DVD store, etc.  All information is provided "as-is" unless otherwise stated.

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